Fresh spirited, existential fiend. Lover of vulgar beauty. Swimmer of metaphorical depths. "How sweet it is to be loved by you." This heart of mine is taken.


In this moment, although knowingly fleeting, I am happy. Seeing the fruits of my labor is an exquisitely satisfying experience. I am proud of myself and I know that I am just now beginning to learn how truly capable I am of expanding and developing my intellectual abilities.

I have a bad habit of talking down to myself when it comes to my intelligence. I constantly fight the overbearing regret of blatantly ignoring my education when I was younger. This leads me to feel as though I am light years behind, cognitively speaking. 


that I will always be surrounded by people who are smarter than I in some form or another. I will always encounter people who will have stronger will-power and nicer smiles than I. People who can articulate themselves better than I ever could and charmers with more charisma than I’d ever dream of having. 


for some peculiar reason. These people WILL exist and feeling admiration for them instead of coveting their positive attributes WILL save me a lot of self-dissatisfaction. 

This rant went way over there =============>

When I was just trying to say that I am happy.

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